Bend Manufacturing Group (B.M.G.) was forged out of love for machines, and the desire to create our own product.  What better machines exist today that can handle 50,000 PSI of pressures, and remain intact in all weather conditions, can be past down for generations, and last many human lifetimes?  What is worth its weight in precious metals, and will never be worth $0.00 dollars.  What can not only defend your family from criminals, but also provide that check and balance our founding fathers wrote into the Bill of Rights to protect us from tyranny?  Yes guns!  And by the way; you can never have too many.

I came as a little boy from the Land Down Under, yes Argentina.  I was born during the Peron Administration, where President Juan Domingo Peron, claiming it was for the safety of the populace; thought it was prudent to force gun registration on legal ownership of firearms (sound familiar?), subsequently, confiscation followed.  A few short years later; thousands of citizens were snatched in the middle of the night, from their beds, at gun point, marched to the soccer fields, and executed because they disagreed with the administration.  This page in history has already been written many times!

Today I’m proud to be an American Citizen for 39 years who will not allow our government to fall into tyranny if I can help it.  By manufacturing, and distributing our precision receivers, and other products to responsible gun owners; I’m guarantying the inalienable rights recognized by our founding fathers, and adopted into our U.S.  Constitution for all Americans to enjoy.

“One Sword Keeps The Other Sheathed”