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99% of all store bought AR-15 rifles have “forged lower receivers”.  The forging process begins with molten aluminum alloy being poured into a cast, pressed into shape, and then allowed to cool. As the alloy cools, the shrinkage in not uniform and inconsistencies will form between casts. As a result of these inconsistencies, not one set of tooling can be created with close tolerances to hold these forgings in place while the C.N.C. machine mill the final product. The final product will suffer intolerances when fitted to a milled upper receiver of good quality.



Our AR15 Lowers are milled out of the highest quality U.S. Made 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy in bar form. To maintain consistency during our manufacturing process; we purposely leave the bar stock intact until all the specified drillings are completed in order to achieve the closest tolerances, and to reduce the unnecessary handling by human hands.  Incongruence between parts can be greatly avoided by the less handling of human hands. Although the most advanced C.N.C. machines can achieve great tolerances, human hands cannot.  At B.M.G., our goal is not to find ways to make it cheaper; but better.  Better takes more time, costs more, and we always achieve the desired fit.

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These are  “THE CADILLAC” of AR Receivers


AR15 Lowers


Full Service Machining Facility

If your project demands machined components with strict tolerances for quality, cost and time-to-market, Outback Manufacturing is the right solution. Our components are found in a wide range of precision instruments, including defense stealth drones. Government and commercial contractors know that we have the ability to make any product idea a reality.


Our new two Makino a51 MMC features a fast spindle response that shortens machining times for parts and components made of light alloys and cast iron. The well-balanced support system enhances cutting capabilities in the uppermost region of the machining range. Rigid machine construction supports high acceleration performance.

Control Quality:

Outback Manufacturing is committed to complying with Quality Management System procedures that are created to improve product quality and customer service. Procedures are continually reviewed for effectiveness and are created or revised as needed to improve quality. Quality objectives will be communicated to employees to ensure an understanding of company goals. All employees are encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities that promote customer satisfaction.

 Zeiss Contura G2:      

      Our Contura G2 from Zeiss uses VAST scanning technology to enable form inspections at maximum speed with high-quality measuring results. Process changes are detected at an early stage, high production quality is ensured and rejected parts are reduced.